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Our Founders

EECS, Class of 2017

Rachel graduated in 2017 with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. She is currently a software engineer at Google in California. Back in her freshman year, she had a friend joining Triangle fraternity and wondered why Cal didn't have something like that for women. She soon learned about Phi Sigma Rho and the sisterhood it provides women during college as well as the global network of support from the alumnae across all of the national chapters. Together with Annie and Anusha, she worked to create the Alpha Theta chapter. Their motivations aligned with Phi Sigma Rho's values of scholarship and encouragement: to create a community for womxn STEM majors to help each other with academics and career development, especially as minorities in the field. Most importantly, it was the value of friendship lasting a lifetime. 

It's always been exciting for her to see the chapter grow over time with each class bringing new perspectives.

EECS, Class of 2016

Anusha graduated in 2016 with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. She is currently a Product Manager at Intuit in Canada. When Rachel told her about Phi Sigma Rho National sorority, she was extremely excited for the opportunity to help build a community for womxn in tech at Cal! Being minorities in the field, it was important for her to provide a platform for womxn in tech to find a support system and also raise awareness on campus of the status quo. On her journey of establishing the Alpha Theta chapter with Annie and Rachel, Anusha was able to find a long lasting community that helped her grow in many ways and she hopes it does the same for all our new sisters! It makes her extremely proud to see how much the community has grown since 2014 because of all the new classes’ efforts.

EECS, Class of 2017

Annie got her BS in EECS in 2017 and is currently working at Airbnb in San Francisco. Annie first heard about Phi Sigma Rho from Rachel and Anusha her freshman year and founded the Alpha Theta chapter with them in 2014. She had always sought to find a community and support system for womxn in STEM, and Phi Rho became the perfect intersection of everything that she was looking for. Throughout her 4 years at Cal, Annie grew with and learned so much from her sisters. She feels grateful for the lifelong friendships and experiences, and is amazed to see how the chapter continues to grow and thrive with each new class.

{CLASS OF 2021}

IMG_0504 - Niharika Desaraju.JPG
BioE, Class of 2021

Niharika Desaraju is graduating with a Bioengineering major and a minor in Computer Science. She is from Cupertino, CA, and joined Phi Rho her sophomore year. During her time at Cal, she did research on Multiple Sclerosis at the Roland Henry Laboratory at UCSF and on gene expression at the Berkeley Institute of Data Science. She was also a writer for Spoon University and a Head Editor at the Berkeley Medical Journal. In her free time, she loves to be outdoors, cook, and try new foods with her friends.

image - Lina Gannon.jpg
MSE, Class of 2020

Lina is a member of the Zeta class, majoring in Material Science and Engineering! She plans to take a gap year before maybe going to grad school, but is not sure how she will survive because homework is one of my favorite hobbies. Featured is a picture of her studying at 4pm.

semi professional - Anastasha Gunawan.JP
Data Science, Class of 2021

Rachel is from Indonesia and graduated with a Data Science major in Fall 2020, and served as VP Membership for one year. Besides feeling inspired by her STEM sisters in Phi Rho, she was the music director of Artists in Resonance, an officer for the Berkeley Indonesian Student Association and a mentor at Berkeley Engineers and Mentors. She loves anything art and music related and plans to hop around and explore the tech industry in different countries after graduation. In time, she'll likely settle down in Southeast Asia where she hopes to start accelerators for young girls to combat the current lack of exposure to tech.

EECS, Class of 2021

Shannon is a 4th year graduating in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. At Cal, she spends her time teaching her favorite class (CS10), dancing with The [M]ovement, and doing research in Computer Science Education. After college, she is hoping to be employed and is also excited to spend more time with he dog.

IMG_8071 3 - Jean Hirayama.HEIC
CivE, Class of 2021

Jean is graduating in Civil Engineering and will go on to work in the environmental engineering industry. She joined Phi Rho her freshman year looking for a supportive group of female engineers, and she was so thankful she did. During her time at Cal she was a part of the Steel Bridge civil engineering competition team and Cal Raijin Taiko. Before COVID you would often find Jean in Kresge or spending way to much money on food.

IMG_5324 - Jezell Lee.jpg
BioE, Class of 2021

Jezell is graduating with degrees in bioengineering and German literature. She is from Los Angeles, CA and lived in Berlin, Germany for a year and a half after studying abroad there. Jezell joined Phi Rho her sophomore year and feels incredibly lucky to have a smart, talented group of women in STEM she can call her sisters. Outside of PSR, she was a design director for Caliber Magazine and the Regents' & Chancellor's Scholars Association. You can often find her rearranging her interior spaces, whisking up matcha lattes to share, and with her trusty camera in hand.

Data Science, Class of 2021

Sun Ah is a senior on the Eta class, and she served as the VP of External Affairs in 2020. She is grateful for her amazing sisters, and she is incredibly proud of how much the sorority has grown, in spite of the challenges of Zoom University. Throughout her time at Cal, she has also been involved in Codeology, The Berkeley Project, and Computer Science Mentors for CS 70. After graduation, Sun Ah will be working as a software engineer in Palo Alto. Once it’s safe, she hopes to finally check off the countless restaurants, bars, and boba shops on her Bay Area bucket list!

BC2BD21F-322B-40B2-B210-9DB78572ABDA - M
BioE, Class of 2021

Maggie graduated with a major in BioE and a minor in MechE in Fall 2020. She plans to pursue human biomechanics, possibly performing research in a PhD program. While she doesn’t know where her career path will lead, she distracts herself with slacklining, soccer, biking, hiking, crosswords, and practically professional haircutting. Message her if you need a haircut!

IMG_0749 - Yusra Nadeem.HEIC
MCB & NST, Class of 2021

Yusra is graduating with a double degree in MCB and NST. She is a part of the Zeta Class and has also served as the VP of Sisterhood in 2020. She likes iced vanilla lattes, spending all my money on concerts, wegmans, A24 movies, and hiking. Her biggest accomplishment is making the greatest friends ever and filling her life with so much love. After college she plans on just being super happy and fulfilled no matter what she decides to do. Also, she is definitely getting a dog.

IEOR, Class of 2021

Gabrielle Prindle is graduating with a major in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. She is from Chicago and loves books, dogs, and the beach. She is working at an Intellectual Property Law firm and plans to go to Law School.

IMG-9595 - Sophia Sousa.jpg
CivE, Class of 2021

Sophia is graduating with a major in Civil Engineering and a minor in Sustainable Design. She is a member of the Eta class and has enjoyed all three years of being a sister in Phi Sigma Rho. After graduation, Sophia will be taking a gap year until it's time to apply for graduate school! She hopes to pursue a Master of Urban Planning and/or Transportation Engineering. Sophia loves making and buying lattes, baking, going to concerts, and spending time outside!

grad - Carolyn Wang.jpg
EECS, Class of 2021

Carolyn graduated with a degree in EECS in the Fall 2020 semester. She joined Phi Sigma Rho her first semester at Cal and loved being behind the camera to capture phi rho moments for a handful of semesters. When not in class, she lab assisted for lower division CS courses, spent time with friends, and dabbled in art, guitar, and photography. She will be staying in the bay area to work as a software engineer at Amazon.

DSC_0126 (2) - Karilin Yiu.jpg
CivE, Class of 2021

Karilin Yiu graduated in Civil Engineering in Fall 2020 and she is from Millbrae, CA. She joined phi rho in 2018 as a freshmen and served as VP of Rituals and Traditions in 2020. More than ever, Karilin is inspired by her incredible sisters in STEM everyday! Throughout her journey at Cal, she led the Virtual Design and Construction Competition Team, performed research under Prof. Iris Tommelein, and tutored at the ESS. In her free time, she loves baking sweets, hiking in the mists of mountains, and exploring coffee shops. Post graduation, she will be working in San Francisco with a multinational civil engineering firm called Arup

pic - Komal Yadav.jpg
CS, Class of 2021

Komal is graduating as a Computer Science major. She joined Phi Rho as a junior and is so grateful to be apart of such a close-knit community of talented women in STEM. Komal loves computer science and was involved in many CS teaching opportunities on campus. After graduation, she'll move back home to Seattle, WA to work at Microsoft as a software engineer!


EECS, Class of 2020

Samantha Adams graduated in Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences (EECS) major. At Cal, she teaches data structures to her fellow undergrads as a Senior Mentor for CS 61B through CSM. She also works with CoolClimate Network and EcoDataLab to research improvements for their household carbon footprint calculator. In her free time, she loves getting tea with her Phi Rho sisters, learning guitar, and practicing yoga.

CS, Class of 2020

Elaine graduated in Computer Science. She spent her last semester studying abroad in Scotland. Elaine hates being asked what her favorite coding language is, but she can tell you her least favorite is JavaScript. Elaine joined Phi Rho her sophomore year and was the VP of Finance in 2019. Aside from Phi Rho, Elaine is on Berkeley’s archery team. She also enjoys exploring new cities, going to dessert places, and making travel montages. Currently, Elaine is working as a software engineer at Google.

Energy Engineering, Class of 2020

Jenny Conde is graduated in Energy Engineering passionate about renewable energy and climate change mitigation. In addition to Phi Rho, Jenny is involved with the Berkeley Energy & Resources Collaborative (BERC)--catch her presenting her research about rooftop solar deployment at BERC's Energy Summit on Thursday!  She also plans overnight host programs for high school students to spend the night in the dorms and get a sense of Berkeley. 

EECS, Class of 2020

Emily Hu graduated in EECS and she is from Fremont, CA. She has been in Phi Sigma Rho since her freshman year, and has loved being a part of an incredible, smart group of women in STEM at Cal. Outside of PSR, she works as a tutor at the ESS, practices yoga, and enjoys trying new foods and drinks! Once she graduates, she’ll moving to San Francisco to work at a start up called Flexport.

CivE, Class of 2020

Amanda graduated in civil engineering and she is from Palos Verdes, CA. She has been in Phi Rho since her freshman year and is so thankful for the support and the many friends she’s made (shoutout to all her past & present Phi Rho housemates). Besides Phi Rho, Amanda loves water and led her water treatment competition team to a 2nd place finish last year! Make sure to say hi to Amanda next year as she’ll be back at Berkeley for her Master’s in Environmental Engineering!

Chemistry, Class of 2020

Lauren Irie graduated in Chemistry. She is passionate about green chemistry education and the Student Environmental Resource Center (SERC) where she leads the development of an on-campus PLA recycling system. She also does research for Prof. Ting Xu on the synthesis, modification, and characterization of random heteropolymers.  Post-graduation, she will be pursing a  Ph.D. program at Northwestern University in which she hopes to study polymeric materials for applications in sustainability/energy. 

MechE, Class of 2020

Shelby graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Culver City, CA. She joined Phi Rho in her first year at Cal and has loved getting to know a fun, smart group of women in STEM. During her time at Cal she was also the director of the Japanese drumming group Raijin Taiko, a member of FormulaSAE, and could often be found playing soccer or getting boba.

Applied Math, Class of 2020

Alicia Tsai graduated in Applied Math and she is from from Bedminster, NJ. She joined Phi Rho her sophomore year in our chapter’s first Spring recruitment. She was on the exec board as VP of Membership last year. In her free time, she enjoys baking, traveling, eating good food, and browsing the menus at fine dining restaurants that she can’t afford. 

CS, Class of 2020

Lyric graduated in Computer Science. She joined Phi Rho during her first semester at Cal, and she's forever grateful for the community of incredible women that she became a part of. Throughout her time at Cal, she was the President of Codeology, a uGSI for CS 88, and a loyal dweller of the first floor of Moffit. She is currently working as a Software Engineer at Github.

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